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Colorado Culture magazine is an online comprehensive resource for all things Colorado. Full of cultural articles, ideas, and events that are easily accessible and informative, it appeals to culture enthusiasts of all ages and types with a goal to serve Colorado and the people who visit with a fresh look on the vast culture that thrives here.

I am a Colorado native, born and raised in the mountains in the small town, Bailey.  I have always loved the outdoors, skiing, biking, and camping since I was young.  I graduated Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BA in History and Native American Studies.  Having a huge passion for the state’s history, I work as a School Programs Facilitator and Archaeology Community Coordinator for History Colorado.  I teach children at the museum about Colorado history, and work to improve archaeological practices and communication in Colorado communities.  As a favorite past time, I am a Recommended Black Belt in Taekwondo. My fiancé and I teach kids about life skills and martial arts at our school, Boulder Martial Arts.  I love the diversity that exists in Colorado, there are so many different people with so many different passions, only this state can bring us all together.

Hi I'm Chris, live music has been a passion of mine since I was a child. From my first Red Rocks show when I was 6 I've had an interest in following and learning about artists. Over the years this has expanded into a vast knowledge of different musical cultures. I'm always curious to learn more as the pursuit is timeless. 
I grew up on the plains of Colorado and traded farm life for the city a few years ago when I moved to the Denver area. Since then, as Denver has grown, I've enjoyed being a thread in the colorful, exciting tapestry that is Colorado! I joined Colorado Culture to share the endless variety of adventures to be found in our beautiful state. When I'm not writing, or have my nose buried in a book, I love yoga, hiking, and exploring.