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Brew Review: The Lowdown + Kitchen

Brew Review: The Lowdown + Kitchen

Hello Culture Heads! My name is Elaine and like most of you, I love a good Colorado beer. Luckily for all of us there are a multitude of impressive and innovative breweries here in the Denver metro area. I’m going to be covering a local brewery every other week and we will be posting the review just in time for you to make your weekend party plans.

The Lowdown Brewery + Kitchen opened its doors in the Golden Triangle/Capitol Hill area fall of last year. And let me just say, they seem to be doing great. Located on the corner of 8th and Lincoln, it is a neighbor to other big drinking spots like Armida’s, Stoney’s, and Govnr’s Park Tavern. Walking up to The Lowdown you can smell the fresh hops brewing from a block away. The large patio is perfect for an outdoor happy hour with coworkers or day drinking while hitting up their cornhole lawn games. They are also notably cyclist friendly with lots of space to park your bike while you imbibe. Once inside, the vaulted ceilings and urban vibe make for casual drinking that would impress on a more relaxed date. The afternoon I was there they were jammin to Citizen Cope, The Black Keys, and TV on the Radio. They also have mucho board games, which always scores big in my book.

While there I tried $2 sample flights of four beers:

Patio Pounding Pilz: a basic, easy drinking pilsner that is light and deliciously standard at 5.2%.

Selfish: an uncommon citrus IPA featuring lemon and grapefruit tones that will stay on your palette, at 5.0%.

Fest in Show: a rich, amber hued fall ale that would pair well with many of the decadent soups and salads on their kitchen menu.

Barka Lounger: advertised as the best choice to get “white girl wasted,” a strong and tangy session IPA that did not disappoint.

The beer you have to try: Golden Shower. This beer was so delicious! It is a Belgian strong ale that is delivered to you in a goblet. Featuring Ardennes yeast and Liberty hops, it makes its entrance fruity and leaves you with a peppery aftertaste. The color of this beer also set it apart from other Belgian ales I’ve had…although, the goblet couldn’t have hurt. I got good and tipsy for under $15 and was able to try five of their ten beers they had on tap. As they are constantly rotating taps, I would advise you to check out their website before you head there to see what beers they have on tap today: They are avid supporters of many other local breweries, sporting a refrigerator that is decaled in Colorado beer stickers. Lowdown also hosts guest brews on their taps. When I was there they had Crooked Stave’s Saint Bretta and Hofbrew’s Dunkel on tap. As of now you can only buy their beer on site at the bar or in a 32, 40, or 64 oz. growler to take home or gift to some lucky friend. They have a nice wine and liquor menu for those non-beer drinking companions of ours.

Their seasonal food menu is changing with local food that’s in its prime. Don’t come here if you are looking for french fries and cheap burgers. Their full kitchen features a large menu that includes many salads, soups, sides, sandwiches, entrees, and pizzas. It is vegetarian friendly and gluten free friendly for a few extra dollars. They use bread from Denver’s City Bakery in their dishes and have thoughtfully created a nice, healthy spread of dishes you most likely won’t see at many other Colorado breweries.

The beer and food fare is a favorite with many public review sites out there like Yelp, Zagat, and BeerAdvocate. It’s affordable but unique and there is care in the creation. Most of all, the beer is just damn well made by experienced brewers who take risks to invent good beers.

This is simple math here guys. The Lowdown Brewery + Kitchen = Delicious.

Be sure to check back in with me in two weeks to see where I’m at next on the tipsy trip that is the Colorado Beer Trail. Please comment below to tell me which brewery I should hit up next! Your favorite beer spot just might be the next one featured here on Brews Reviews.

Happy drinking,

~Elaine Bilyeu

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Denver, CO, USA
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