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Brew Review: Epic Brewing

Brew Review: Epic Brewing

Last weekend, I found myself in Five Points to hit up Snowboard on the Block.  I haven't spent much time in that neighborhood over the years as it used to have a reputation of a place that you didn't go unless you had a specific reason to be there.  And like much of central Denver in recent years, gentrification has swept through and left its mark.  Now it boasts various versions of bars, restaurants, and concert venues.  One of which is the Epic Brewing Company that showed up here in 2013.

Originally from Salt Lake City, these guys have expanded their brand behind their rep for big brews with big ABVs (odd being from Utah, the state with some of the strictest  liquor laws in the country).  Take the "Brainless Belgian-Style Golden Ale".  Most Belgians (and wheat beers in general) are known mostly for their sweet, malty flavor rather than packing a large kick.  The fermentation process is such that they tend to turn out a bit on the tame side. The best comparison that I can make is that this beer tastes like an Avery White Rascal (Boulder Beer, much more from them later) on steroids.  Everything was augmented, from the initial malt notes to a bitter pang of extra hops.  Finishes smooth just like your regular wheat beer.  But unlike its contemporaries, this brew requires a certain amount of pace while enjoying it.  At 9.2 ABV, the moniker "Brainless" fits in nicely.  I bet it'd take three or four to be teetering on that exact mind state, or lack thereof.  If you want to check it out yourself, you can find Epic at 3001 Walnut street, just up from Coors Field.  Or check them online at epicbrewing.com.

Until Next Week! Go Broncos!


~Kevin Lucas

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Denver, CO, USA
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