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Factual Fridays

Factual Fridays

Earlier this week, our fearless leader (who diligently follows every Colorado-themed social media page...because somebody has to do it) caught one of the myriad Facebook pages dedicated to Colorado nature photography pulling a fast one - COUGH Love Colorado COUGH.  They had harvested a stock image of the Baatara Gorge waterfall/Cave of Three Bridges located in Tannourine, Lebanon and tried to pass it off as Timberline Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park to gather a bunch of likes and attention.  Check the two photos below, and see for yourself which one is Colorado and which one isn't.

We get it ok?  Social media is all about garnering attention.  It feeds the inner narcissist in all of us.  We're not even saying that there is anything inherently wrong with that.  What grinds our gears the most however, is people going about that the wrong way.  And Love Colorado isn't the only page we've caught doing that - we'd list them all here but there are literally too many to count and that would take away from the point.  So we just wanted to dedicate this post to the people who truly appreciate this great state we live in, and give you all some authentic images to look at.  Photo credits are as follows (but in no particular order): Josh Noreen, Bryan Verschoor, Andy Immerman, Allie Conklin, Somer Mock, Matt England, Brendan Bell, and myself.  These are not stock internet images: we took these because we actually live here, go to these places, and see these things in real life.  Feel free to give our Instagram a follow @coloradoculture for more images just like this, and enjoy!

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Are Distilleries the New Breweries?

Are Distilleries the New Breweries?

We published an article earlier this week about the craft beer bubble, and that got us thinking a bit.  Colorado is a state known for producing a large quantity of quality craft brews, but what about spirits?  Since the weekend is upcoming, we figured we'd hit you with a list of places to indulge that other part of your palette.  

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Why Recreation is An Important Part of Sustainable Living

Why Recreation is An Important Part of Sustainable Living

By definition, sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the earth's natural resources and personal resources.  So what exactly does this mean?  Well for starters, it can mean reducing your own carbon footprint by a variety of means: mainly alternate modes of transportation, creative energy consumption, and consuming foodstuffs as part of a diet geared towards this ultimate goal.  Sounds great in theory, right?  Well let’s delve a bit further shall we?

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Memorial Day Events in Denver

Memorial Day Events in Denver

It’s that time of year again and summer in Colorado is just right around the corner. Memorial Day Weekend is almost here, but before you fire up your BBQ with friends and family make sure to check out these Denver area Memorial Day events:

Veterans Memorial Day Tribute:

May 27:  POF Hall


Honoring veterans is the most important part of Memorial Day.  The tribute will honor Colorado’s fallen heroes and military sacrifice of all soldiers.  The event will have name readings, biographies and stories of soldiers, music, and the Wreath Remembrance ceremony.  This touching event is free and open to the public.

Colorado Remembers:

May 27: Springhill Community Park, Aurora


Commemoration to soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, the concert will feature The Denver Brass, Legacy, USAF, Honor Guard, and Celtic Colorado Pipe and Drums.  The remembrance concert will have a military ceremony honoring those who have served, with inspirational stories in front of the Colorado Freedom Memorial.


Denver Day of Rock:

16th Street Mall

May 27: All day

Five stages along the 16th Street Mall will be filled with local artists performing for this one-day rock festival.  The  festival brings together Denver communities with performances for all ages.  Proceeds for the event will benefit Amp the Cause, a nonprofit designed to improve the lives of children by bringing communities together.    

Denver Arts Week - Stapleton Conservatory Green:

May 27-28:  Saturday: 10-6pm    Sunday 10-5pm

Over 100 of Colorado’s best artists and a select group of national artists will showcase visual artists.  The goal is to promote artists that call Colorado home and inspire them by nationally recognized artists.  There will be live performances from Dotsero and The Wendy Woo Band.  Kids will have the opportunity to create their own artwork at the mini painting party.  

Water World Opening Day:

8801 N Pecos St, Federal Heights, CO 80260


Enjoy the warm weather with opening day at Waterworld, Colorado’s biggest outdoor water amusement park. With more tube rides than any other amusement park in America, Waterworld is rated as one of the top ten water parks by the Water Channel.

Colorado Rockies vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Coors Field

May 26-28:   

Fri, 5/26 @ 6:40p

Sat, 5/27 @ 7:10p  

Sun, 5/28 @ 1:10p

Join Colorado’s own Colorado Rockies vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.  This family friendly baseball game is sure to be an exciting event.  

Buy tickets here

Boulder Creek Festival:

Downtown Boulder along Boulder Creek

May 27- 29:  Fri 10am-7pm    

Sat 10am-7pm     

Sun 10am-5pm

Kickoff your summer out of the busy city at Boulder Creek.  The three day festival will have over 500 vendors featuring community arts and crafts, healthy food choices, and music.  There will also be a carnival rides for the kids and a beer garden for adults.   



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National Park Week: Protecting Colorado's Natural Beauty

National Park Week: Protecting Colorado's Natural Beauty

There is a moment when in the wilderness where everything is quiet except for the sounds of nature.  The warm breeze blows through the tree, birds chirp cheerfully, and wildlife rustles through the bushes.  These sounds are peaceful, a testament to the power and beauty in nature.   There is a quietness that lets the mind relax, and a feeling of true serenity.  Most Coloradans would agree that this is a feeling worth protecting, something that can only be found in the outdoors.

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