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Crystal Mill: Marble, CO

Crystal Mill: Marble, CO

Colorado has all sorts of hidden gems. Some lie around every corner, while others stay hidden in the most unsuspecting places. As Colorado locals we try our best to experience the rich and diverse culture that thrives here. Every so often we stumble on places we heard about from a friend or something we saw online. Colorado Culture approved was born from these places and events. Owner of Eyediola Photography Emma Ceaglske recently took a trip to one of Colorado's most heralded locations.

The drive up to Crystal Mill, just outside of Marble, CO, is incredibly beautiful and was full of fall colors, snowy mountain tops, and lonesome bridges. Aspen is one of the most beautiful places to be during the fall season, which fell mid to late September this year. It is common that the mountain leaves change colors a few weeks before the leaves start to change down in the cities.
Getting away from the light pollution of the cities and finding a nice camping spot in the mountains is a perfect excuse to take long exposure pictures of the stars. This was one of the long exposures that I captured on my Aspen trip, which was done for 15 second underneath some beautiful yellow Aspens.
This is “Lizard Lake”, which was at the beginning of the 8 mile round trip hike up to Crystal Mill. Hikers are asked to park their cars just outside of Marble, CO, and from there to journey on foot. As we began our hike, the snow was gently falling and resting on the trees, and this was a guaranteed picturesque moment. I like to call this one “life and death”.
This is the same lake as above, “Lizard Lake”, but this was taken on our way down from the hike as it was sunny and clear weather. It was amazing to start the hike as it was snowing and to finish it as it was clear. I like to call this one “reflections”.
This is the gold at the end of the rainbow, the Crystal Mill. It is said that the mill is one of the most photographed spots in the entire country, and it was definitely worth the 8 mile round trip hike. Crystal Mill, sitting in front of a bed of yellow Aspens and a snow covered mountain top, was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites that I’ve ever seen. Also known as the “Dead Horse Mill”, it is surrounded by a river and small lake at the bottom, all of which are on private property and are not accessible to the public. Cover Photo Credit- Timothy Faust

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