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Event Review: Bear Grillz at the Fox Theatre

Event Review: Bear Grillz at the Fox Theatre
Is there anything out there more satisfying than listening to beautiful music? Depends, but maybe having the person who’s creating that music show how passionate they are about their tracks is a close tie. With so many people out there right now trying to make it in the music industry to get rich quick it's gratifying to see artists who are genuinely performing for their love of music and their fans. Despite the midweek Wednesday show, whoever was fortunate enough to attend Bear Grillz at the Fox last week got just that. He brought that signature dirty dubstep, collabs, and mixes littered with huge bass drops and upbeat vibes.

Let's be real for a second. Any guy who can manage to wear a giant light up bear head during his whole performance in a small, hot, and crowded venue deserves some serious props, but that definitely wasn’t the only thing the crowd came to see. The venue was full of so much energy and excitement building up to Bear Grillz' performance that by the time he finally came on the cheers shook the place from the windows to the wall. He opened up the night on the softer side luring in the inattentive, and then immediately proceeded to throw down filthy bass drop after bass drop. Observing people whip their hair around and smacking other people in the face to his music was more than hilarious to watch. How could the crowd contain themselves though? It was like he had special guests with him just by playing remixes and collaborations with renowned artists like Excision, Datsik, Slander, and the bass head himself- Bassnectar. That wasn't all it took though as he also showed the crowd that variety is key, and he also dropped some Back Street Boys, some 70’s funk, and even a little bit of house music. The audience ate it up.

I always like to see artists that I've seen play large national stages play smaller venues. It's a totally different atmosphere and a completely different level of production.  Bear Grillz didn't miss a beat and played the venue perfectly.  The production was on point and it made for an intimate experience that only places like the Fox can provide.

We even got to see a small taste of love that night right before the end of his set as he pulled his girlfriend who he met at the very same venue almost a year ago on to the stage. He thanked her for being his rock, and making him strong. Expressing how much appreciation one can have for their loved ones is so important in this day and age. Respect for him not only as an artist, but him as a person was undoubtedly gained. What's an artist without a message? Frankly, he had a damn good one.

Bear Grillz has had a few shows in Colorado over the last year and will surely be coming back soon enough.  If you didn't catch him this time don’t miss him next time, because you’ll definitely regret it. 


Photo Cred- Ryan at MacEachern Photography

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