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A Look at Fabric London & #SaveLondon

A Look at Fabric London & #SaveLondon
Fabric London has been known as one of the most renowned night clubs in the world since its opening in late 1999. With a capacity of 2500 people and three separate rooms (two dedicated to live act's) it has hosted the largest act's in dance music over its seventeen year history. Some of the largest names in the game have seen their start there since it's conception including french electro duo Justice and German techno heavy weight Boys Noize. Starting in 2001 Fabric started an iconic monthly live mix series entitled "FABRICLIVE". Arguably among the most famous in the series came from the pairing of Caspa & Rusko back in December of 2007 alongside another beautiful installment from A-Trak in April of 2009. 

 Fabric came under heavy scrutiny recently as it saw the death of two males under the age of 18 later revealed that the cause of their death was drug related. These two deaths took place nine months apart over the course of this last year. This was unfortunately not the first time for the club either and did not make for good news considering London had seen the demise of near a dozen other clubs in past several years. This led to the immediate closure of the venue as a legal investigation ensued. In September of 2016 the Islington Borough Council came to the conclusion to revoke Fabric's license forcing them to ultimately close their doors sending a shock-wave through the dance community all over the world. 

Over the following months the public outcry to save the club become a full fledged mission to re-open the beloved venue. This quickly turned into an impressive petition of over 160,000 signatures from fans and artists alike, spawning the #savefabric hashtag. 

In addition to this the mayor of London Sadiq Khan fully supported the savior of the club stating “London’s iconic clubs are an essential part of our cultural landscape … My team have spoken to all involved in the current situation and I am urging them to find a common sense solution that ensures the club remains open while protecting the safety of those who want to enjoy London’s clubbing scene.”  Many considered it to be a death in one of the largest staples of dance music's history overseas and wouldn't let it go without a fight. 

Flash forward to November 2016 as the case was brought to Highburry Magistrates court in North London to once again view the case at hand. On November 21st, 2016, it was announced that the public had indeed been heard and the club would soon re-open their doors as it had come to a  agreement with the courts stating they would now have a heavy new anti-drug measures and that no one under the age of 19 would now be permitted entrance into the club. A new ID system check will be put into place including a new covert surveillance system to be installed. Lastly, a lifetime ban to be enforced to anyone who was found in possession of any illegal substance. One huge win for dance culture on this day in time was made. A light to pave the way that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. 


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