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Gone For Good

Gone For Good

Eco-friendly hauler Gone For Good was started by Reid Husmer in 2009 with an idea borne from an experience that we all know, and some of us loathe: moving. He had been moving around a lot, from Westminster, to Denver, and then to Centennial, Colorado.  And as everyone who has relocated frequently or semi-frequently knows, the moving process really lets you know how much stuff you have accumulated during your time at any one address.  Also, it serves to help you decide what items to bring with you, and what items you’d like to get rid of.  In Reid’s case, a lot of these items were those that tend to get dated easily:

his son’s clothes and toys, electronics (TVs) along with a bevy of other items that he just couldn’t take with him during each move.  When considering his options to rid himself of some of these materials, Reid knew one thing for certain: no charity organization would come all the way to his basement to retrieve the items, so if he was going to have to move them himself anyway he might as well try to get some money out of them.

So he did what he could to sell as many of them as possible via Craigslist and Ebay (with varying degrees of success), and then recycled the rest.  Along the way, he came to the realization that a true “one stop shop” (hauling, donating items to charity, re-selling them, and recycling responsibly) really didn’t exist for all of these services.  And so the idea for Gone for Good was hatched.

Although Reid grew up in Albuquerque, he’s a Colorado guy through and through.  He moved here to attend college at the University of Denver, also patrolling left field for the Pioneers’ baseball team while earning his degree, and he’s remained here ever since.  After college Reid got into software sales, and continued to further his career in that field until he had the idea for Gone For Good.  To hear him tell it, software sales was paying the bills, but it wasn’t always what he wanted to do, mainly because it wasn’t allowing him to fully embrace his entrepreneurial nature.  He had always wanted to own and operate his own company, much like his father and uncle had done with Western Paper, their distribution company.  And although his dad offered Reid a position at Western after he graduated from DU, Reid declined because he wanted to remain in Colorado (accepting the job would have required his return to Albuquerque), and he knew even then that he wanted to hang his own shingle out someday.

​Fast forward to 2009, when Reid had taken his idea for Gone for Good and gotten started. Initially he had one 14 foot box truck named "Betsy" that he used to haul items with while also having people dropping unwanted items off at his home themselves. The items were initially kept in his garage, eventually expanding into the house, then into the backyard, and eventually into a warehouse in Littleton. At one point they ran out of space in the warehouse and items were having to be kept in the parking lot, which necessitated ANOTHER move to their current location in Denver at 101 Kalamath St. At their current location, they have a warehouse for storing items, and also a sales floor where items are available for purchase. The operation has grown from one truck to three, and each truck comes with some fully prepared manpower to help get the job done. Any items that are not put up for re-sale or donated are recycled responsibly, staying aligned with the green values of the company. Gone For Good’s pricing is unbeatable and at a true thrift store level. This is because the main goal was and always has been finding these items a new home where they can be appreciated, and not attempting to squeeze funds from their customers or donors.

When asked about what’s in store for Gone For Good, Reid stated that he wants to expand his charitable contributions and continue to increase Gone For Good's overall network in and around Colorado. They do a great deal of work with local charities including Denver Dumb Friends League, Denver Housing Association, Project C.U.R.E., Operation Gratitude, and The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. They donate everything from beds and couches, to cell phones and computers. They have gained recognition for their quality of service, including both Westword’s Best Green Service Award in their 2011 Best of Denver issue, and also the 2013 and 2015 Super Service Award from Angie’s List. While formal recognition is nice, after speaking with Reid it's clear that the satisfaction of their clients is what they pride themselves on most, and it's what they strive to improve upon daily. With an original focus of giving back to the community and also helping reduce it’s collective carbon footprint, it’s no surprise that Reid believes that further committing to his values is a recipe for increased success. They’re the locally owned one stop shop hauler that is always here to help. In more ways than one. You can find out more information below. Also, go check them out on their socials and give them a like and a follow for great deals on incredible items.

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