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HDYFEST 2017 Review

HDYFEST 2017 Review
From rap to trap to dubstep to full-on mosh pits, Flosstradamus is infamous for throwing some of the craziest dance parties in the nation--and after witnessing the party this past weekend Colorado certainly was not left disappointed.

Legendary former duo Flosstradamus recently returned to the beautiful home of Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado for the annual 420 celebration. Titled after the enormous Floss fanbase, HDYFest featured everything and anything recognizable to the Flosstradamus name, including the Colorado debut of Flosstradamus’ new solo act. For years Floss had consisted of Josh “Autobot” Young and Curt “J2K” Cameruci, however in late 2016 the two had agreed to go in separate ‘musical directions’ and it was trap music founder Cameruci who stuck with the Flosstradamus name.

Cameruci brought a heavy trap-infused set and a monumental purple-tinted triangular stage production to Red Rocks this year, alongside a state-of-the-art sound system and an increased visual production. Mixing popular trap and dubstep drops all night paired with the perfectly timed colorful lights of the lasers and an echoing amphitheater full of the most loyal fanbase, Flosstradamus proved itself more so than ever to be back in the game and better than ever, leaving no fan repping HDYNation and the black and white triangular logo behind. Cameruci has successfully taken on one of the leading names in EDM and trap music since its creation and proved that the Flosstradamus can be transformed into a solo project and have the name lives on.


Behind solo artist Cameruci on the HDYFest lineup were some of the biggest names in trap today, including What So Not (formerly a duo with Grammy-award winning electronic artist Flume), Branchez, Hi-Def Youth, and rapper Gucci Mane. With a wide range of musical styles between the artists and many different genres within trap today (including but hardly limited to future trap, trap rap, hybrid trap, and hard trap) the rocks truly saw a renewed side of HDYFEST that it had never before seen. In short, the HDYNation name was brought to the surface for all ‘day one’ fans and new ones alike.  


Denver was fortunate enough to party with Flosstradamus for a weekend, as the artist now continues to tour for the summer into the beautiful home of Las Vegas, Nevada, and later in 2017, The Netherlands, with more tour dates left unannounced.

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