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Colorado Sounds: Krushendo

Colorado Sounds: Krushendo

Keeping up with the tradition of bringing you Colorado artists booming with potential we'd like to take a minute to introduce you all to Karlyle Sky Walker, also known by his stage name Krushendo. Born in Santa Monica, CA, Karlyle calls Ft. Collins, CO home and has been producing music for the past 10 years. With a background as a vocalist and a guitarist in various jam and metal bands, his diverse skill set culminated into the project Krushendo and he's been rapidly rising in the Northern Colorado underground scene over the past 6 months.

After successful stops at Cervantes Otherside and The Scarlet in Central City he's currently preparing for his next show this Thursday February 9th at the Aggie Theatre in Ft. Collins for Summer Camp on the Road. With tour stops all over the country On The Road is a contest where the winner gets the chance to play at Summer Camp Music Festival. So if you haven't already, BUY TICKETS NOW and come out and support your local artists.


Beyond all of the shows and recent accolades Krushendo has also been trying to make a difference through art and music. Known as not only a producer and musician, Karlyle is also an entrepreneur, visual artist, and web designer. He recently worked on a set that benefits the Dakota Access Pipeline. With so much going on in the world lately, it’s important that in times of strife and pain for many parts of the country, music stands tall as a solid force uniting people and art together. It’s important that we, as humans and artists, truly begin to connect to what is happening in our society around us--and how we can evolve to become the next generation of not just artists, but thinkers, creators, and problem solvers. This powerful vibe is omitted in Krushendo’s nearly four-minute set, combining emotional bass with the power of genre-mixing to create a tune which fuels all sales on the song, available for purchase on iTunes. All proceeds for the song go to Standing Rock and the #nodapl campaign.

If you haven't heard of Krushendo yet keep your ears to the ground, as you'll start to see him more and more in the very near future.

Contributing Author- Josh Noreen

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