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Off The Deep End: SOLD OUT Ogden Jauz Review

Off The Deep End: SOLD OUT Ogden Jauz Review
One of the biggest names in the electronic dance community hit Denver this past weekend, bringing a set full of energy and an exciting and fresh new stage presence created exclusively for the tour.

Twenty-three year old Sam Vogel, otherwise known under his stage name JAUZ, began his Off The Deep End tour in late January in Seattle, Washington and will continue to travel to some of the most popular cities in electronic music including New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Detroit  until mid March. JAUZ, paying close attention to the love he’s received from the bass capital in the past (performing impeccable sets at local Colorado venues Beta Nightclub and Red Rocks Amphitheater) stopped in Denver twice for his Off The Deep End tour, selling out The Ogden at full capacity on the second night of the show.

With local openers AVIVA, Covex (who was featured at the Colorado Decadence’s Silent Disco this New Year’s), and trap-enthusiast AAZAR, the hours before Vogel were filled with future bass, light house tunes, and trap hype anthems to get people moving.

The night was abuzz with shark-themed attire, Shark Squad shirts and hats, and inflatable sharks being passed around the front of the venue as the packed crowd eagerly chattering and anticipating the arrival of man himself. As midnight struck, JAUZ emerges to the stage and a wild excitement incurs. Standing in a giant shark-jaw fixture which served as his stage (complete with large sound arrangements and LED-lit shark teeth) Sam Vogel, as expected, took Denver by surprise and performed song after song some of his most classic and instantly recognizable tunes. From “Feel The Volume” to “Rock The Party,” JAUZ is an unmissable and unforgettable experience every time he performs. The energy of the deep house and dubstep-infused set had everyone in the venue moving to the beat of the music all night.

It’s no question why JAUZ has the full attention of legendary electronic music producers Skrillex, Borgore, and Diplo, and has continued to grow in the industry since his career beginnings. There is only one way up for the LA-born prodigy and we can’t wait to see where his skills and passions take him next in the music world.

More to see from JAUZ at The Ogden below, exclusively from Colorado Culture.

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