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Paint Mines Interpretive Park: Calhan, CO

Paint Mines Interpretive Park: Calhan, CO

Colorado has all sorts of hidden gems. Some lie around every corner, while others stay hidden in the most unsuspecting places. As Colorado locals we try our best to experience the rich and diverse culture that thrives here. Every so often we stumble on places we heard about from a friend or something we saw online. Colorado Culture approved was born from these places and events.

Have you ever heard of the small town of Calhan, CO? Most haven't! If you generally know where Parker/Franktown is, it's past that, past Elizabeth, past Kiowa, and then there it is. A quiet little farm town seemingly in the middle of nowhere both quaint and unique, Calhan holds a secret waiting for all cultureheads alike to find: The Paint Mines Interpretive Park. The Paint Mines is an absolutely astonishing Colorado wonder where the rocks are naturally colored. These beautifully blended colored rocks come from a rich geological history. Over millions of years to be more precise. As recently seen on Fox21 news, the Paint Mines unique geological history comes from years of soils eroding and gullying. It created layers of clay frosted by sandstone, and jasper which led to its interesting formation known as hoodoos and spires. The vibrant colors were painted on by leaching minerals.

If you haven't yet you need to check this place out as soon as you can.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the city life and beauty of the mountains, that we forget that some of the most beautiful places might lie in the most unsuspecting of places. 

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