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Rowdytown 5: Big Gigantic and Friends

Rowdytown 5: Big Gigantic and Friends

Rowdytown five was one for the books! I got the grand opportunity of being a Lil’G which is a group of people that work with Big Gigantic on the days of the show to help assure them that their crowd is being taken care of. All night we handed out waters, t-shirts, water bottles, hats, candy, and more to people. The smile’s I got back were priceless.

Along with that the music was killer. The first night special guests were brought out on stage including: Savoy, Griz, and Paper Diamond. Luckily I had a media pass, and when Griz appeared on stage I bolted from the top of the rocks to the bottom, squeezed myself through security, kneeled down with the fattest smile on my face and got some spectacular shots of him. Big Gigantic played one of their best shows yet that night, everyone in the crowd was jammin. I’m so glad I got to be apart of the bigger experience. If you missed out on this years two days of funk, no worries, there will always be next year! 

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