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Souls In Action

Souls In Action

"Souls in Action is a Denver, Colorado based collective of like-minded individuals creating change through music, art and social activism." I don’t think there is any other way to describe this incredible crew! From music promotions, marketing and even artist management this is one amazing company that is doing BIG things! (And they’re just gonna get BIGGER)! Souls in Action throws and promotes some of the best concerts in the mile high city, has an artist roster with some of the best local names in Colorado and as I learned from my interview with CEO, Lulu Clair they are planning to launch a new program that encourages volunteer work and social activism. SIA rocks! I know from my own personal experience and it has been amazing to watch them grow and continue to do really cool things.

I asked Lulu why she started Souls in Action; she said she wanted to “create a platform for people to pursue their creatively-driven passions.” Lulu’s driving force has always been music and she has always had a desire to help people so naturally Souls has always been primarily music focused but as it has grown, it’s become all about inspiring one another to pursue the things that they are passionate about. Lulu described Colorado Culture as, “progressive thinking, community, diversity and creativity” (basically she nailed it!!), and it is hers and SIA’s mission to encompass all of these things in all that they do, whether it be a show or in their blog. It is all about uniting and supporting one another and inpiring others to do the same, creating a beautiful, crazy and unique community. I mentioned earlier that Souls is growing and constantly adding new projects and making big changes; this year alone they threw their very own Red Rocks show, Dead Rocks, curated their own stage (Souls Rising Stage) at ARISE Music Festival and have been apart of a very fun weekly Wednesday show at The 1up Colfax, where we’ve seen some big names come through. Lulu told me that this is just beginning and to expect some big changes in 2015! The Souls crew is focusing more on festivals, citywide events and will continue to work with Red Bull Sound Select. They are also working really hard to develop their new “In Action” branch on the website that will allow the community to get involved in volunteer opportunities and highlight businesses that are thinking progressively and making community involvement a “cool” thing. The Souls team has been busy and I can’t wait to see what the coming months (and years) bring!

It’s pretty obvious that Lulu has one of the greatest jobs out there and its always refreshing to see young entrepreneurs like Lulu, pursuing careers in something they are passionate about. When chatting with Lulu I asked her to tell me what the most rewarding part of Souls in Action has been. She said that although it’s a ton of work at times (basically 24/7), it’s also been a huge blessing. She described to me a very proud moment she had recently at ARISE Music Festival, “I was able to stop for a moment, look around, and see our team working so hard to make sure that everything that we dreamt up came into fruition seamlessly, our artists killing it on our stage [that we had built with our own hands], friends and family watching side-stage in awe, a sea of smiles in the crowd - I couldn't image in a more perfect moment in my lifetime.” It is moments like these, ladies and gentlemen, that make the hard work worth it and inspire the people around you to keep pushing. The Souls crew is one inspiring bunch and I think that there are many moments like these ahead for Lulu and the Souls in Action team.

Souls in Action, is a beautiful example of a business that started from the bottom and has grown and will continue to grow. From meetings at Lulu’s house to moving to an office and then out growing that office, there is so much ahead for this crazy passionate team! Lulu wants the Colorado crew to know, “We are here, we're fiercely passionate, mostly goofy, and we want you get involved!” Souls in Action is the epitome of a business that represents Colorado and our unique culture. So culture heads, keep an eye out for the amazing things to come from Lulu and her team, I have a feeling we’re all going to be blown away!

~Meghan Lee

Please visit www.soulsinaction.com for information about upcoming events and how to get involved.

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Josh Noreen on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 01:30

Souls in Action is one of my favorite companies in Colorado. Love em!

Souls in Action is one of my favorite companies in Colorado. Love em!
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