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Take Note Colorado: Music for Education (Review)

Take Note Colorado: Music for Education (Review)

The Take Note Colorado concert was Governor Hickenlooper’s kick off for his music initiative to improve and increase children’s access to musical education.  “Twenty years from now, people are going to say, ‘Were you at that first Take Note concert?’ And you’ll say, ‘Yeah! I was there,’ ” Hickenlooper said to the crowd.  With high hopes, the 1STBANK Center was about two thirds full, packed with people who came together for education and to see some of their favorite artists perform some of their greatest hits.

With a crowd of varying ages, the show made a statement to the power of music and its ability to bring people together. Libby Anschutz’s own Tracksuit Wedding kicked off the show, playing their bluesy rock to set the tone and draw the fundraising crowd in.  From there, the show proved to be a testament to the history of Colorado music. Issac Slade of The Fray, Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident, One Republic, comedian Josh Blue, and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats all took the stage to help raise money for the cause. Speaking in between performances, Governor Hickenlooper explained his passion behind his initiative and why he was so determined to see it succeed.  

Colorado is a hub for culture in the United States, but culture and art education has taken a hit over recent years seeing funding for those programs cut in nearly 50% of Colorado schools. With money being redirected to technology and sciences, music education is just as important as it vastly improves kid’s mathematical and language arts skills. Music is also meant to be shared, bringing people together who share similar interests and passions, and giving kids confidence and lifelong friendships.

In order to continue with Colorado’s unique culture the music scene must be preserved, and it must start with education. This state has bred so many talented artists with such varying styles and techniques over the years. As Isaac Slade said, “Music saved my life, as I’m sure it has for many people here.”  The crowd roared in agreement, knowing that they were contributing to giving a child an opportunity that they might not have had before; the opportunity to inspire, the opportunity to save life. Music has this power, which is why music education is so important and must be preserved.      

With the Governor’s high hopes and expectations for shows, future Take Note Colorado acts have their work cut out for them.  One thing is for sure, everyone in attendance was passionate about music education, and the culture of Colorado music.  The Take Note concert was a great start to the Governor’s plan. Hopefully it will be the first of many, and Colorado can continue to be a leader in the inspiration of others both musically and culturally.


Photo Cred: Denver Post, CBS Denver

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