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The Floozies @ Red Rocks, 10/08

The Floozies @ Red Rocks, 10/08

The end of the Red Rocks season has been nothing short of All Good. Not just for those lucky souls blessed enough to see the man the myth the legend, Griz. But this night was also for the fans who missed him but managed to catch some the funk-bests under his golden wings.

In a scene dominated by electronic sounds and loops, it’s always good to get a little break up from the monotony. The challenge the artists faced was to satisfy the crowd’s typically EDM palate by utilizing predominantly live instruments. Something Russ Liquid has no trouble doing.

Russ Liquid is no novice when it comes building bridges between the classical style of music and the new world of modern music production. Russ manages to create wonderful soundscapes that transport the listener into another realm, to a world with a rhythmic sky and melodic waves. In a world this enchanting reality can subtly turn into a dream, and you need something serious to snap out of the daze. The remedy? Electro Hydro Funk Experience brought to you by the guys taking American ear drums hostage.

The trio known as Sunsquabi got just what you need. These gentlemen are progressing and redefining the electronic jam band scene by relentlessly touring and refining their unique sound. They put it all out there and even brought back Russ Liquid for an epic jam session midway through the set.

It was like Red Rocks had a case of Saturday night fever because the funk literally never stopped. In-between sets, 70’s funk ballads like the Bee Gee’s ‘Staying Alive’ were played to keep those vibes rolling.

As the evening turned into the night Michal Menert took the stage, and with so many heavy hitters in one place it’s a good thing the sandstone amphitheater is so large. There was plenty of room on stage for Michal Menert and The Pretty Fantastics to play alongside JuBee Webb. And as if there hadn’t been enough genre mixing Menert brought his smooth soulful sounds and incorporated Jubee Webb’s hiphop lyrics to make something so beautiful it could only happen at the most magical venue in all the land.

Did I forget to mention that among these amazing artist hides a lighting guru displaying the tastiest colors the rainbow has to offer while simultaneously lighting up the rocks with lazers on lazers on lazers? Don’t answer that, that was rhetorical. The man behind the night’s lights was none other than Saxton Waller who can usually be seen touring with STS9.

The Floozies had much to live up to considering this was their first headlining show at Red Rocks, but they did not disappoint. Laying out all the tracks the crowd was dying to hear, like ‘Pimp Juice’ and ‘Sunroof Cadillac’. The Floozies also had a surprise guest; a funky, wild, electro percussionist by the name of Jason Hann who also just happens to be 1/2 of EOTO and 1/6 of String Cheese Incident. With a very soulful, powerful, and colorful performance The Floozies ended the evening with an amazing Queen remix of ‘Fat Bottom Girls’ that would have made Freddie Mercury very proud.

Review by Nick Veres

Photo by Andrew Bower

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