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Visine for the Bloodstream: The only way to cure your GABF hangover

Visine for the Bloodstream: The only way to cure your GABF hangover

It’s that time of year again Cultureheads: the time when the convention center downtown opens it’s doors to host the biggest event of it’s kind in the country.  An event that is the quintessential adult playground.  No kids allowed, just hopheads only.  It’s the biggest annual event hosted by this space not featuring anyone named Lorin (ok well maybe someone will be in the building who has that name, but I digress).  It’s time, of course, for the annual Great American Beer Festival.

Now, we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of covering this event in the past, so this year we thought that we might change it up a bit.  All of the coverage is normally focused on the beer, and the brewers alike.  Which is as it should be, but just bear with me for a minute.  

Everybody runs into this problem at beer festivals: they think their liver is tougher than it is.  “Oh these 1 ounce samples aren’t going to do anything.  I’ll be fine.”  Yeah, famous last words. The fact of the matter is that those 1 ounce samples add up over time, and with over 750 vendors participating in THIS festival, that equates to 62.5 12 ounce beers consumed if you manage to hit every stand for one sample (you won’t manage that at all).  These aren’t wine samples either: there’s no spit bucket.  Simply put, you’re going to get drunk.  Why do you think people flock to this and pay good money to go?  Plus, who’s ever heard of a SOBER silent disco?

Now that we have established what is inevitable here, let’s talk about what you can DO about it.  A lot of people prefer some of the hair of the dog that bit them, or the proverbial “rescue beer” to deal with a hangover.  That’s fine, but all you’re really doing is pushing the hangover back to the next day if you keep drinking.  You’re borrowing happiness from tomorrow.  There are better options than that, trust me.  

I grew up with nurses in my family, and also have a very close friend who happens to be one.  One morning after a particularly rowdy night out and about (I want to say it was Saturday night at Riot Fest 2015, but I could be wrong), we were sitting there hating our lives and questioning our self-destructive decisions, and he mentioned that an IV would help immensely at that point in time.  “Visine for the bloodstream” is how he put it.  Now, at the time I was annoyed that he’d propose something so impractical (because we obviously didn’t have any spare medical equipment lying around, and I’m pretty sure when you work at a hospital you’re not allowed to borrow shit from work at your leisure), but at the same time, I knew he was onto something even though I wouldn’t show up at a hospital with a hangover asking for treatment either.  And luckily for all of us drinkers, some kind souls cut the hospital right out of the equation. They’ve got that Visine for your bloodstream minus the large medical bills.

Hydrate IV Bar is a bit of a revolutionary concept because as of this writing, I’m still not aware of any other establishment like it.  I had a chance to catch up with one of the owners Katie (a Colorado native herself) to get some more info on just what inspired her and her partner Blake to spearhead this effort to cure hangovers, among other things.  “We have both worked in the medical industry for years in Colorado and surrounding states, and we became familiar with IV therapy clinics while working in other markets- Las Vegas, Chicago, Scottsdale, San Diego, and just fell in love with the concept.  Our vision with Hydrate IV Bar was to create a comfortable, convenient and professional spa that incorporated many different types of IV Hydration and vitamin infusions to help kickstart the process.”

So while they’re not encouraging drinking yourself to the point of saturation or anything like it (far from it actually), what they are encouraging is if you’ve got yourself a bad case of the Irish Flu after a session at the GABF, they can help.  Hangovers don’t have to ruin your day, and even though something filled with grease and topped with cheese can usually do the trick to kill one, maybe it’s time to try something a little bit different.

You can find a link below to the official website for Hydrate IV Bar, with location and business hours, along with rates, group discounts, etc.  Also, they are offering 20% off of treatments this Thursday through next Monday for anyone who can remember to bring in their ticket stub from GABF.  I’ll probably be taking advantage of this deal myself.  So happy drinking Cultureheads, best of luck out there!

Check out Hydrate IV Bar Here


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