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Genre Future R&B
City Denver
Country United States
WEB http://soulsinaction.com/jilly-fm/


"jilly.fm (Jillian Grutta) grew up in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, where she began her journey in music at 12 years old. After moving to Denver, Colorado in 2010 to attend university, jilly’s notoriety and involvement in the music scene blossomed, and she became known as a versatile musician, DJ, and performer. Today, jilly.fm is Souls In Action’s leading lady in the Future R&B/Dance scene, and considers herself a ‘groove-guide’, curating eclectic mixes and live sets featuring songs that you don’t hear on the radio (hence ‘.fm’). Jilly’s sound sways from Latin Fusion to French Nu Disco to Trap Soul, which she blends with her soulful vocals, keyboard chops, and improvisational performance style to produce her signature live sound." - Chrissy Greco Souls In Action

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